Instant Herbal Beverage- Original

Instant Herbal Beverage- Original

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A refreshing and invigorating herbal beverage combining ancient herbal wisdom with modern-day ingenuity. HerbaChoices has carefully formulated Instant Herbal Beverage to provide a versatile alternative to traditional beverages, with an exhilarating low-calorie beverage blended from five fast-acting natural botanicals.
  • A healthy and delicious green tea beverage in an instant.
  • With green tea extract
  • Available in four refreshing flavours.
  • Quicker to make than other green teas — no need to brew!

How to use

Add half a teaspoon of the powdered beverage to one cup or mug of hot water, and stir. Add a splash of cold water to drink instantly.

The tea can also be added to cold or chilled water, to create a refreshing and hydrating drink for exercise or when the weather's hot.

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Servings and flavours

The 50g pots of Herbal Beverage make approx one cup of tea per day for 30 days, and are available in the following flavours:
  • Original (green tea)
  • Lemon
  • Peach
  • Raspberry
The 100g pot (Original flavour only) is better value and makes approx two cups of tea per day for 30 days.

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