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You are your child’s biggest role model

You are your child’s biggest role model - HerbaChoices

You are your child’s biggest role model

Role Model

You are your child’s biggest role model. This is true regardless of if we’re talking about how you treat other people, your home, your work, and your health.

They have the most curious eyes in learning about the world, and they learn about it best through you. You are their first teacher, and you have the bulk of the teaching responsibility their whole lives.

So how do you become the best, positive role model to your children? How do you teach them the right kind of mindset to deal with everything in the world?

The thoughts you think are reflected in your actions. You have to give your children some credit as they are smart enough to see through you.

That is why you need to do these three things to serve as the best role model for your children, especially when it comes to your mental health and physical nutrition.

Show your children that healthy food is delicious.

Feeding your kids nutritious food and going above and beyond their expectations when it comes to taste is such a huge responsibility. Children are naturally picky eaters, and that is why everything you serve to them has to be delicious. If they see that you’re enjoying preparing these yummy and healthy foods and you also enjoy eating them, there is a huge possibility for your children to mimic you too.

Treat negative thoughts the right way.

Constantly putting yourself down because of your negative thoughts is highly damaging to your mental health. You may not see it, but it affects how your children see you too. Give yourself affirmations every day and validate your emotions the right way, and watch yourself grow. Watch your children develop a strong sense of self-confidence as well once they imitate what you’re doing.

Engage yourself with your children in physical activities.

Staying fit doesn’t have to be only you and your fancy gym equipment. Round up your family and go to your backyard, the park, or somewhere where you could freely play outdoor games. Break a sweat while giving time and having fun with your family. The memories you’d make are a huge plus too!

See, your repeated actions determine who you are and your children will most likely reflect what kind of person you are.