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Our Top Tips for a Good Night's Sleep 💤

Our Top Tips for a Good Night's Sleep 💤 - HerbaChoices

Our Top Tips for a Good Night's Sleep 💤

There’s nothing worse than having a disturbed night’s sleep and waking up in the morning feeling unrested  😟

Lack of sleep can have a negative impact on your health in a number of ways so it’s important to catch your Z’s.

Keep in mind our top tips to help you get the rest you need 😴

Maintain A Consistent Daily Schedule 📒
Get into a routine of going to bed at the same time every day. Your body will soon get used to going to sleep and waking up at a certain time, meaning when it does come to bed time, your body clock is ready to rest.

Reduce Caffeine Intake ☕️
Caffeine is a great way to help boost your energy intake throughout the day. When you drink caffeinated drinks, it stimulates your central nervous system in many ways. Try and limit the amount of caffeine you are consuming to avoid this trigger. – this is shit

Top Tip: Try and stay caffeine free for at least 3 hours before going to bed, preparing yourself for a good night’s sleep.

Turn Off The Screens 📺
All your screens (your phone, tv, laptop etc) give off colours and light. A lot of research has gone into the affects this has on our bodies and the conclusion is, you’re best avoiding screen time before bed. Try and give yourself at least 30 minutes before hitting the hay to allow your body the time it needs to switch off.

Good Night Sleep

Don’t Go To Bed On A Full Stomach 🍔
Going to bed on a full stomach can leave you feeling bloated and uncomfortable, preventing you from sleeping. Going to sleep on a full stomach also means your body doesn’t have the chance to burn off calories which can slow down your weight loss progression.

Don’t Go To Bed On An Empty Stomach 😩
Hunger pains can prevent you from falling asleep and can lead to a disturbed night sleep. According to some studies, sleeping on an empty stomach can slow down your body’s ability to convert proteins into muscle. So if you’re peckish before bed have a light snack to keep you going until the morning.

Engage In Regular Exercise 🏃🏽‍♀️
Even as little as 10 minutes of exercise per day can improve your night’s sleep – especially when repeated every day. Exercise also helps to improve your night’s sleep because it helps to reduce stress and makes you tired.

Limit Beverage Consumption Before Bed 🥛
It’s always good to stay hydrated but don’t overdo it before bed time. You may find you have a disturbed night sleep for getting up to go to the loo!

Keep Your Bedroom Dark And Quiet
Exposure to light stimulates a part of your brain that controls hormones, your body temperature and other functions that play a role in giving us a good night’s sleep. Make sure your lights are off, curtains are drawn and if need be, invest in an eye mask

Invest In A Comfortable Mattress, Pillow & Bedding 🛏
Get comfy and cosy to allow your body to relax and switch off. Making yourself comfortable will make it easier to fall asleep and catch those well needed z’s.