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4 Ways to Strengthen your Relationship and your Body

4 Ways to Strengthen your Relationship and your Body - HerbaChoices

4 Ways to Strengthen your Relationship and your Body

Fitness Relationship

Relationships and fitness go hand-in-hand. Both are hard work, require commitment but are worth it!

Modern life can be busy and with its demanding expectations. Our attention is pulled in different directions: it can be hard to manage that and be fully present with our partner making it even more difficult to spend quality time with our loved one.

However, with balance, a good relationship can have a positive impact on our overall sense of well-being and improve levels of self-confidence.

Ditch Excess Baggage

The stressors of modern life can be overwhelming. Many couples end up having to choose between taking care of their own needs and planning time with their partner. This tug-of-war can cause long-term resentment in the relationship.

Think about what “quality time” with your partner involves. If it always revolves around eating, it can be even more difficult to stay on track with your personal health goals.

Make date night more exciting: go to a new dance class, go for a run together or even a brisk walk!

Bond over Endorphins

When a goal is shared, the likelihood of success increases. Accomplishing something together can strengthen the bond of any relationship.

There’s something special about sweating in the gym or going on a hike together; it gives couples quality time that’s also constructive. You learn more about each other, learn new exercises together and experience improved moods.

The natural endorphin pheromones released from exercising and a post-workout glow can even make you feel more attracted to each other!

Technology-free Zone

When a couple works towards a shared goal that is physical, it gives them something positive to stay connected to on a regular basis. While exercising, put your phone (and other tech devices) away. Focus on how you feel, engage in conversations with your partner and have some friendly competition!

Physical Connection and Trust

It can be very meaningful when your partner teaches you a new skill. The physical connection created from helping each other, with pull-ups or spotting with weights, can help to build trust and connectivity which continues long after the workout is over.