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Recommended Tone-Up Plan - HerbaChoices

Recommended Tone-Up Plan

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Included with EVERY PLAN:
  • Free workout guide
  • Free recipe guide
  • Invitation to additional facebook/WhatsApp support groups
  • Herbalife Healthy Active Community Facebook group

The Ideal breakfast plan is all about you starting your day the healthy way. It's widely excepted that if you were to have a sugary breakfast or even no breakfast at all your body would start to crave the wrong things, and guess what you'll probably overcompensate. So that's where the Ideal breakfast plans help you to break the fast between night and morning with a delicious nutritious shake.

By having your shake in the morning you'll feel refreshed, energised and ready to start your day. The shakes are actually delicious, they're not too sugary, not too thick and actually taste like a milkshake (even with the PDM!!). Our favourite is either chocolate or mint choc chip. If you are looking to lose weight, generally you'll follow your Ideal Breakfast up with a healthy lunch, healthy dinner and a snack. Now if life does pass you by at lunch, feel free to grab another shake, but for dinner grab a 700 calorie healthy dinner. You can have most traditional dinners within 700 calories so go wild! Don't forget we have a free recipe guide packed with dinners to get you started! For the perfect shake with Danni's breakfast plan, add two scoops of Formula 1, two scoops of PDM, and 3-4 cubes of ice, fill with water and blend away!! Feel free to experiment with adding fruit, we love a banana with our mint choc chip! Follow the plan with your instant herbal beverage and aloe mango concentrate for a perfect replacement to your typical tea & coffee!

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