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Weight loss coffee - Does it help?

Weight loss coffee - Does it help?

Weight loss coffee - Does it help?

Weight loss coffee or slimming coffee is "trending" these days. You will find many people sharing their success stories and encouraging others to join the bandwagon. But is it any good? 

The stories shared by happy, content Insta users tell that the weight loss coffee works. The majority of the customers have reported weight loss at a fast rate. So, evidence shows it does help with weight loss.

The desired results of this supplement owe it to its major ingredient, i.e., coffee beans. Coffee beans hold some scientifically-backed weight-loss benefits.

Weight-Loss Benefits of Coffee

Some experts believe that drinking coffee can be instrumental in shedding a few pounds. Enlisted here are the benefits of coffee associated with losing weight.

Low in Calories

The key to losing weight is consuming the food items having low calories. Coffee is a lower-calorie beverage that can help you reduce calorie intake. You can replace it with a sugar-loaded beverage. As per the statistics, one cup of brewed coffee transmits only 2 calories. It is pertinent to mention here that the coffee is low-calorie only when it is black, i.e., it does not contain any milk or sugar.

Nevertheless, plain coffee is still a better option when compared to sodas and juices.

Boosts Metabolism

Studies show that coffee can boost metabolism—a measure of the calories burned by your body every day. Its positive effect on metabolism is because of its caffeine-rich content. Caffeine is a natural stimulant and included in several weight-loss supplements.

One study observed the consumption of people who lost weight. Individuals who consumed coffee and caffeine showed more positive results in weight loss maintenance over time.

Reduces Appetite

Coffee can also reduce appetite because of its caffeine content. Many factors influence the appetite, such as hormones, activity levels, and the nutritional composition of meals. Study shows that caffeinated coffee decreases the levels of ghrelin—the hunger hormone.

So, Is Weight Loss Coffee Real Good?

Weight loss coffee is a nutritional supplement made of coffee beans and beneficial herbal extracts or other components. It is more effective because the benefits of coffee beans are combined with other natural or patented nutritional supplements that help with weight loss.

These supplements are present in many other weight loss products and pills. However, the coffee supplement gives optimal benefits when it accompanies dietary changes and exercise.

Green Coffee Bean Extract

The majority of the weight loss coffee supplements contain raw (not roasted) coffee beans. They are also known green coffee beans—popular for their weight loss properties. Research suggests that green coffee bean extract can have many health benefits in addition to weight loss. They can improve blood pressure and keep cholesterol levels under check. They also have antioxidant properties.

Multiple studies show that green coffee bean extract helps people with weight loss. A 2017 study observed women with obesity who took 400mg of green coffee bean extract for eight weeks with an energy-restricted diet. The participants experienced more weight loss with the extract than the diet alone.

Participants who consumed the extract also experienced lower total cholesterol and free fatty acids. The researchers observed that the extract influences the breakdown of fat in the body and thus helps with controlling weight.

Benefits of Weight Loss Coffee

Apart from the green bean coffee extract, many supplements contain other nutritional components too. Here are the benefits of this supplement:

Promotes Satiety

It reduces appetite because of its caffeine content. It suppresses the desire to snack or eat randomly. Moreover, its protein and fiber content promotes satiety and helps the consumer feel full for a longer duration.

Cuts Sugar Intake

Weight loss coffee is relatively light and sweet. That makes it palatable for people who do not like the bitterness of black coffee. It is a more suitable alternative for sugary beverages without much compromise on the taste.

Increased Mineral and Vitamin Intake

Apart from the coffee beans, weight loss coffee also contains other nutritional supplements. They contain vitamins and minerals that are beneficial for health. If you drink coffee in routine and consume multivitamins or other supplements as well, why should you not combine the two?


Weight loss coffee can only give the desired result if taken correctly. Moreover, caution is also required in some cases. First, ensure that you are buying a real (reliable) weight loss coffee. Check the ingredients carefully to avoid consuming any detrimental components.

Another thing to bear in mind is to consume the supplement in moderation. The product may contain many ingredients that can be harmful when taken excessively. Even caffeine can be injurious when you drink too much of it. Many supplements contain usage instructions on the packaging. Read them carefully and stick to them. Also, the supplement is not like your daily cup of coffee. Do not take four to five cups of weight loss coffee just like you do with the plain coffee. Also, do not drink both in routine, as it can result in caffeine overdose.

If you are allergic to something, look out for it in the list of ingredients. Moreover, if you experience any prominent side effects of the product, discontinue the use immediately. The common side effects of green coffee include jitteriness, anxiety, and a rapid heartbeat. If a person is sensitive to caffeine, user discretion is advised. Also, researchers have not yet managed to ascertain the safe doses for women who are nursing or pregnant. The same goes for children or people with kidney or liver disease. So, these groups should abstain from using the weight loss coffee supplement and just stick to a healthy lifestyle to lose weight.

Moreover, drinking weight loss coffee without adopting a healthy lifestyle will not cause the weighing scales to tell you a happy story. If you really want to melt off the pounds, bring other necessary dietary changes in your routine as well.