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Makeup Free Mondays ❤️

Makeup Free Mondays ❤️ - HerbaChoices

Makeup Free Mondays ❤️

Herbalife Skin Care

You may have seen #MakeupFreeMondays popping up within your Instagram feed. Fresh faced women across the world embracing their natural beauty.  However we understand it can be quite intimidating to walk into the office make up free, especially if you have had a restless sleep the night before. However we have three suggestions to help combat eye puffiness, so you can remain in the #MakeUpFreeMondays movement.


You have calculated you will only get 5 hours sleep tonight and you are already dreading hearing your alarm tomorrow morning. However if you want to improve you short, but sweet sleep, we suggest you sleep on your back and double up on pillows.  This will help drain out the excess fluid that accumulates underneath your eyes.


Puffy eyes are often caused by water retention. Solution? The best way to flush out excess water in your body is to simply drink more water. If you want to add a natural flavour to your water, try adding in Aloe Concentrate to keep the taste refreshing.  This will not only reduce under eye-bags and circle but keep your body hydrated.

3.Herbalife SKIN

If you want to reduce any puffiness, choose a gel not cream.  This is because the lightweight consistency such as Herbalife SKIN Firming Eye Gel  will help you wake up in the morning so you don’t have to reach for the concealer.

If you are part of the movement, please share your natural beauty tips! We want to spread the word #MakeUpFreeMondays