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Look good while you work out!

Look good while you work out! - HerbaChoices

Look good while you work out!

Look Good While You Work Out!

The purpose of the gym is to work on our own personal goals. Whether it is to lose weight or de-stress after a long day of work, the gym is a sanctuary for many. But do you feel confident in the gym?  Because looking good while you are working out, can help you crank out another push-up!

We have created 3 tips to help you become fashionable AND functional, because we want you to feel confident and motivated while you pound away on the treadmill.


Sweating patches can be a sign of accomplishment; however they are not always the best accessory for any outfit. These can be easily avoidable if you opt for clothes made from lightweight and breathable materials such as polyester – perfect for your spin-class! However if you want to prevent post-workout stench, choose a cotton t-shirt for your weight training class.  Check out our Herbalife sports line, to find the best fabric for your fitness!


As much as we love wearing our hair down, it does not go hand in hand with an energetic work-out. To keep your hair neat and groomed try creating sweat-proof, movement-proof and long-lasting styles!

  • Take your pony to the next level by adding a braid. Just grab two hair ties and twist away to create a braided ponytail
  • Got an extra two minutes? Take your braided bun and twist it into either a high or low bun
  • Become the Gym Goddness with the halo braid. Create two French braids and secure into a crown – perfect for yoga!

Most gym-goers wash their locks after the gym, but be careful to not dry out your mane! Instead of washing your hair after every single workout, try conditioning your ends instead with our Herbal Aloe Conditioner to strengthen your strands for a softer and silkier feel. This is because your hair needs to be looked after, just like your muscles! #HealthyHappyHair


Make up free is not a step all women want to take at the gym. What if you bump into someone from work? Don’t worry – we have created a natural and fresh make-up guide so you can walk into the gym with that extra bit of confidence!

Foundation is great and can create magic – but it is simply too heavy for the gym. Select a light and breathable base like BB cream or mineral foundation. Blusher? You don’t need it.  You will attain a natural colour in your cheeks from your set of lunges and burpees. Finish off your natural look with waterproof mascara and some tinted lip balm to condition and hydrate.

Upon returning back home, remember to cleanse your skin as soon as possible to help prevent breakouts! Use Herbalife SKIN Soothing Aloe Cleanser to clear away make up or grit for clear and soft skin.

What is your #GymGoddness look? Share on Instagram with #myherbachoices