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Is CBD the Next Big Breakthrough in Anti-Aging Skincare? (Here’s Everything You Need to Know)

Is CBD the Next Big Breakthrough in Anti-Aging Skincare? (Here’s Everything You Need to Know) - HerbaChoices

Is CBD the Next Big Breakthrough in Anti-Aging Skincare? (Here’s Everything You Need to Know)

Anti-Aging Skincare


It seems like everywhere you look today you see some kind of CBD trying to make its way into your life. From tinctures, drinks, and gummies, to pet treats, soaps, and bath salts, it’s all CBD all the time. But what even is CBD? And what actually works? Well it turns out that the all-natural hemp derivative is chock-full of legitimate properties that bring a whole new meaning to chill self-care. Most recently, it's found its way into skincare and the effects have been shown to dramatically improve redness, acne producing oils, while acting as a calming anti-inflammatory. There’s been nothing short of new CBD products and talk so we’re breaking down what you need to know and how to best introduce this ingredient into your daily routine. 

What is CBD?

CBD (or Cannabidiol) is a natural extract from the hemp plant which can be consumed topically or ingested, which isn’t intoxicating. CBD is a cannabinoid, meaning that it’s in a family of compounds that are found in hemp and work by attaching themselves to our body’s built-in cannabinoid receptors. This means that unlike many other natural remedies that can work for some people and not for others, CBD is guaranteed to bind with your receptors and “work.”

How it Works

When ingested or used topically, CBD provides many people with a sense of calm, peace, and well-being. This is why many people use it to manage their anxiety or nerves. CBD is also well-known for having analgesic effects, meaning that it can be physically soothing and relieve pain or irritation, particularly when it’s used as a topical treatment for an affected area. In fact, CBD skincare products today provide many people with a soothed, smoothed, brighter complexion. Who couldn’t benefit from the all-over effects of hydrated skin barriers, relaxed and calmed nerves, and the unmistakable confidence that only a refreshing, plant-based ingredient like CBD can provide? With all of these benefits together, it’s a no-brainer why so many people are choosing to incorporate this natural extract into their routine.

The Benefits

Like everything else in skincare, it all comes down to your skin and what works. But with all the evidence in its favor and the unending benefits that so many people have found from CBD, you owe it to yourself and your body to give it a shot. However, with all the products and companies trying to grab your attention and potentially steer you wrong, it can be daunting to have to think about how you’re going to try CBD. 

Experimenting with serums is a great way to introduce CBD into your skincare regimen because it’s such an easy thing to add to any existing routine and it won’t get in the way of any established cleansing or moisturizing routines you might have. Using a serum can also enhance the effects from products you already have in your daily rotation thanks to the moisturizing and soothing properties of CBD. In fact, the calming and smoothing effect CBD has on skin provides a significantly better cleansing and moisturizing surface for your favorite products. 

Our Choice: HERBALIFE Hemp Facial Serum

For glowing results, we found the 250mg Hemp Facial Serum from Herbalife far surpassed the competition. The 250mgs of CBD is a great intro into the world of cannabis skincare or for anyone simple looking to see improved complexion – what’s not to love? Working the serum’s magic is as easy as rubbing 8 drops together in your hands before applying evenly to the face and following with your usual moisturizer. The CBD acts almost instantly, giving your skin a calmed and soothing aura before the rich carrier serum seals in hydration to ensure your skin remains healthy and free from dryness all day. It’s easy, it’s effective, and it’s the natural treatment your routine is missing. Give CBD a try today, and your skin will thank you later!