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Healthy Breakfast from Herbalife

Healthy Breakfast from Herbalife - HerbaChoices

Healthy Breakfast from Herbalife

Healthy Breakfast

If you are looking to add a nutritious meal to your mornings, Herbalife can help you. What’s more, the Herbalife breakfast programmes can be a healthy and practical way to maintain your current weight.


Simply replace one meal a day with the Formula 1 Shake, and have two regular healthy meals.


Why breakfast?

What you have for breakfast has an effect on how you feel and what you eat during the rest of the day. Our recommendation is that you always have the Herbalife shake for breakfast, and then have two balanced, healthy meals for lunch and dinner.


Breakfast can often be made up of unhealthy or calorie-rich foods, such as pastries, sugary cereals and fast food. It is also very easy to skip breakfast, which may lead to unhealthy snacking during the morning and then overeating at lunch. Both of these options can often lead to weight gain, and that is why the Formula 1 Shake is always recommended as a healthy breakfast.


If you feel that you are eating too much for lunch or dinner, then by all means have the Formula 1 Shake instead of that meal. Herbalife programmes can easily be adapted to suit your lifestyle and habits.


Is there anything else I should be taking to maintain my weight?

The Protein Drink Mix goes great with the Formula 1 Shake. It makes the shake thicker, tastier and more filling.


The additional protein makes you feel full, gives you energy and helps you maintain healthy muscles while at the same time slightly increasing fat burning.