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Evolve into a 2021 Early Bird

Evolve into a 2021 Early Bird - HerbaChoices

Evolve into a 2021 Early Bird

Early Cardio Exercise

The pink sunrise peeping through the bedroom curtain, the easy drive to work, just some of the benefits of getting up early. But getting up at 6am can be quite tough, especially in the winter months when you want to be wrapped in your duvet cocoon as long as possible. However, getting up that extra bit earlier and starting your day with a morning workout is definitely worth it, you just need to adjust your routine!

But why should you adjust your routine? Because a 30-minute morning workout will wake up you for the working day, better than any coffee ever could! This is because your body experiences an influx of ‘happy hormones’ after you complete a workout – that feeling of pure satisfaction! This boost has a positive effect in your work-life as your concentration span is greater, allowing your mind to focus during your late afternoon meeting.

So how can you evolve into a 2017 early bird? We have created four tips to help you stop hitting the snooze button.

1.Pack your gear the night before

We tend to leave the house in a rush in the morning. We all want to try and miss the rush-hour traffic, but sometimes this means we forget to pack our gym bag. However you can take a few minutes the night before to prepare. Pick your gym outfit; pack your towel and find your iPod. This way you can leave the house straight away in the morning without considering about ditching the gym! #GetUpGO

2.Find a Friend

Going to the gym by yourself, means you don’t let anyone down when you decide not to go. However, if you have already made plans with your friend to attend a class together – do you want to let that person down?  Find a friend to workout with and create a morning workout together that you will both stick to!

3.Healthy Breakfast

The fantastic thing about Herbalife® products is that you can prepare them in minutes. Grab your favourite Formula 1 Shake the night before and make a delicious concoction ready for the morning. You can also keep a box of Formula 1 Express Bars at your desk so you can have a nutritious breakfast when you step into the office.


Evenings can be a very busy period. Meeting friends, working late or getting the kids to bed. It’s easy to pass the gym after a long day. However if you work out in the morning, you can enjoy your evenings without feeling guilty!

It only takes 21 days to break a habit, so what are you waiting for? #myherbachoices