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Sussex County Cricket Club: Abidine Sakande

Sussex County Cricket Club: Abidine Sakande - HerbaChoices

Sussex County Cricket Club: Abidine Sakande

Sussex County Cricket Club

What are your favourite Herbalife® products?

My favourite product in the Herbalife collection by far would have to be CR7 Drive. Bowling long spells in the heat is extremely physically tiring and to have CR7 Drive in my bottle makes a significant difference. On other days I also use Hydrate if my OSMO test score is low. It tastes good, has a great balance of electrolytes and increases my hydration levels beyond that of when I drink water on its own or other drinks such as squash. Ultimately it leaves me ready and focused for time in the field or for fitness sessions.

How does this help you as a professional cricketer?

The difference CR7 Drive and Hydrate make to me as a bowler could be the difference between a wicket on the last day of a game or not. Having a little bit more energy and drive especially when it comes to the latter stages of a game is really important, and having CR7 Drive in my bottle can help me to push my performance at the edges of fatigue and beyond. I don’t like wasting time in my fitness sessions, and the support of Herbalife® products helps me to be in the optimal physical condition to train and use my time effectively to achieve my sporting goals.

 When do you feel this helps you the most?

During the morning preparation before a game and again during any of the breaks I make sure to top up on CR7 Drive and/or Hydrate depending on how high my fatigue levels feel and the other external variables on the day, such as the weather. Also if in the morning I wake up and feel my hydration levels are low, I’ll use it to rehydrate quickly and effectively. The timing of consumption of these products is where I feel I get the “best bang for buck” as they provide efficient nutritional support when I need it most.

Why would you recommend Herbalife to fellow cricketers?

First and foremost, if Herbalife can support other cricketer’s nutrition in the same way in which it has supported me to achieve the standard I am now, something must be going right. I eat well and being in the knowledge that I can add to this by topping up my overall nutrition with these products means I know that that part of my overall training is taken care of. I have the advantage of being able to focus on my physical wellbeing as part of my professional career; I’m aware that many other people might not have this luxury with a full time job or other commitments to contend with, so an efficient nutritional ergogenic aid can help make all the difference! Herbalife® products can definitely support your overall training and physical performance allowing you to reach full athletic potential.