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“Summer is still in the air” – BBC Chef Rachel Allen’s recipe with a seasonal twist

“Summer is still in the air” – BBC Chef Rachel Allen’s recipe with a seasonal twist - HerbaChoices

“Summer is still in the air” – BBC Chef Rachel Allen’s recipe with a seasonal twist

Blue Berry

ACTRESS, model, blogger and lecturer Megan Taylor has created a seasonal Formula 1 shake recipe with a twist, inspired by BBC Chef Rachel Allen. For the review and the recipe, see below.


Being freelance means that everyday is different for me. One day I may be on set filming, the next I may be at home creating content and on some other days I may be in town auditioning and doing meetings. I adore this lifestyle of unpredictability and the excitement of doing something different every day. The only thing that then can take a backseat is my exercise and nutrition. This Autumn I feel I have really got it down to a fine art. Read on for my typical morning that keeps me happy, healthy and set up for the day.

This post includes a paid for advertisement by Herbalife Nutrition, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.


Rachel Allen

Can’t resist a bit of social media. I know it’s bad but there are some mornings when I just can’t leap out of bed so lying there and staring at that awful bright blue light on my phone seems to wake me up a little bit (there is actually a lot of science to back this up). I answer all of my messages on social media and respond to any urgent emails which I can do from my phone. After 10/15 minutes I eventually jump out of bed and get dressed into my work out clothes. I’m loving my Aussie Grip Apparel sports clothes at the moment because I can put my iPhone in the pocket of the leggings…more workout leggings need this!


I wake up Coco and take her for a walk and then feed her. Coco will stay asleep for longer than us if we don’t wake her. We woke up at 11:30 last Sunday and she was still snoozing when we went down to her. She’s like a teenager.


I head off to Liam’s bootcamp class if I am free on a bootcamp day. I love going to bootcamp because you get a full body workout and get to do some cardio whilst hanging out with a lovely group of people. I also really like being able to workout whilst being instructed as someone else is pushing me and Liam is amazing at teaching the class in a fun way. If it’s not a bootcamp day I go for a 6km run and listen to an inspiring podcast. I have been listening to The Influencer’s Podcast lately and found it incredibly inspiring on days that I am creating blog content. It get’s you in to a great frame of mind and enables those happy endorphins to spread around your body so you can be really productive. Do you like working out in a group with an instructor or working out by yourself?


Blueberry Smoothie

I personally really like to workout on an empty stomach because I hate that feeling of running about and feeling the food bounce around in my stomach. It is also widely researched that working out in the morning before ‘breaking fast’ (breakfast) increases your fat burning potential, helping you burn more fat during exercise. Lately, for breakfast, I have been using Herbalife’s Fruit Burst recipe made by chef Rachel Allen. I am a huge berry fan, always have been. Although this recipe also makes me feel like Summer is still in the air, I’ve given it a little seasonal twist using blackberries. These crisp bright autumnal mornings and a Formula 1 raspberry and blueberry shake can only make you smile. Shakes are perfect to take along with you on your commute if you are in a rush. Check out the recipe I have adapted below. Rachel Allen’s other recipes for Herbalife Nutrition are here.

Serves 1
• 26g Formula 1 Raspberry and Blueberry flavour
•150g natural Greek yoghurt (I buy Waitress own full fat where there are no added fake sugars)
•100g mango
•1 tablespoon of lemon
-Blend all of these ingredients together till completely smooth.
-Add 15g porridge oats if you want to include some extra carbs. I am personally happy to exclude the porridge oats and I am fully satisfied until lunch.
-I always have frozen berries in my freezer and in the Summer when the weather is hot the frozen berries give you an extra icy hit.
-Top Tip: If your berries are about to turn, chop them up, put them in a container and store in the freezer to make juices and smoothies.


Rachel Allen’s Recipe

After a quick shower I sit down at my desk and reply to the rest of my emails and then get started on my latest project. You may think that 10:15AM is rather late to actually sit down and work but I tend to finish working at about 19:30. Also, everyday has a completely different schedule. Let me know what is your favourite breakfast in the Autumn months? x

To learn more about Herbalife Nutrition and see Rachel Allen’s signature recipes, click here.

Original post by Megan Taylor, please click here to view the post.