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How to STOP Hunger Cravings While Dieting

How to STOP Hunger Cravings While Dieting - HerbaChoices

How to STOP Hunger Cravings While Dieting

How To STOP Hunger Cravings While Dieting

With a weight loss industry more interested in selling products that are ineffective that'll keep you coming back long term, it’s hard to find those that actually help you see the results you want.  Instead of committing to another band-aid after band-aid solution, we’ve found that you have to address the root problems that many of us on a weight loss journey continue to struggle with: overeating and an active appetite. We’ve uncovered a natural way that addresses the specific problem of cravings and overeating – and in return, the constant struggle of weight loss.

Weight Loss is All About Creating a “Calorie Deficit” → Not Cutting out Entire Food Groups or The Latest Fad

First off, let’s talk about dealing with the constant eb and flow of weight loss diet and exercise fads. How many weight loss pills or new exercises have come and gone and maybe even caught your eye that quickly went the way of the dinosaur? Too many to count in our book. 

When it comes to losing weight and keeping it off, we need to start at the root of the problem which for so many of us is our appetite. Controlling hunger and burning fat can seem like a double edged sword, and constant struggle. From limiting your diet to trying the next best thing over and over, you’re probably familiar with what a balanced nutritional diet should look like. But, looking back at the food pyramid, you’ll notice that the key was never to remove groupings of fats, sweets, or processed foods completely

But rather, to use your instincts and trust yourself to give your body balanced access to all of the foods that it needs, without arbitrary restriction. It’s models like the food pyramid that make it clear that weight loss is about more than denying yourself to look good. But with all of the not-so-good weight loss products laid out here, what are the kinds that do produce the results you’re looking for in a natural way?

4 Simple Changes to Start Controlling Hunger

1. Eat a Diet Rich in Protein, Healthy Fats and Fiber

In order to satisfy hunger it’s important to narrow in on foods that make you feel fuller for longer periods of time. Keeping your appetite under control starts with eating lower calorie foods that are rich in nutrients and energy. Eating increased amounts of protein, healthy fats, fiber, fruits, vegetables, beans and whole grains work to slowly release energy over time which keeps you satisfied. Foods high in sugars and processed ingredients, release rapidly in the bloodstream leaving you with energy dips and hunger cravings. Maintain your energy and control hunger with lean meats, eggs, beans, nuts, vegetables and healthy fats like avocado and greek yogurt. 

2. Stay Hydrated and Drink Water Before Each Meal

Consuming water before each meal has shown to make a person feel more full, therefore taking in less food while eating. This is also a great way to decrease snacking throughout the day. Water will help you maintain fullness from meal to meal and even better, Alkaline Water (pH balanced spring water) is known to kickstart the metabolism. Alkaline Water balances your stomach’s acidity thanks to its own pH level of around 9 while infusing the body with electrolytes and minerals. Alkaline Water works to flush out toxins, priming your body for a healthy meal and lifestyle.

3. Practice Mindfulness (In Eating and Daily Life)

So much of our eating patterns and behavior can be linked to stress. Not only do we crave comfort foods in periods of anger, stress or sadness, but stress increases cortisol which in turn affects weight gain and sleep cycles. Practicing mindfulness allows your mind to slow down and think through actions, such as overeating, before proceeding. This mindset lends itself to mindful eating which is the idea that if you pay attention to what you’re consuming while eating (rather than checking out and watching TV) you may consume less. Doing so will help your mind and body connect when you are full. 

4. Add 1 scoop of Prolessa duo to you shake or smoothie each morning

If you’ve tried it all and are still searching, finding  a natural, easily incorporated supplement or extract to your regular diet that is actually effective can work wonders. Going this route doesn’t force you to suffer through hunger or potentially upset your body’s balance by removing the foods you’re used to. Our research has been a long and winding road, but the search for results ended after finding the holy grail: The Herbalife Prolessa Duo program. After initially discovering the product while looking for ways to make morning smoothies more fibrous and nutrient-rich, we found that the special formulation of the Prolessa Duo was exactly what a healthy smoothie, and lean figure, were looking for. With this program, your overall diet remains the same – balanced but not without little rewards and cheats, neither of which cause the stress they once did before finding his product – thanks to its ability to control hunger.

How Prolessa Duo Works

Unlike pills or diet regiments that demand a major change, the Prolessa Duo program works in conjunction with other healthy lifestyle choices to reduce the impulse of over-eating. Overeating can be a pernicious condition that many on their weight loss journey struggle with because even when all other food decisions are good, an afternoon of overeating can easily push you over your calorie goal and render your efforts moot. We’ve seen the best results for the Prolessa Duo program when it’s being added into an already established workout and dieting routine, and what we’ve seen it do is bring out the best in all of our other efforts. 

The program is remarkably easy to use. Just choose whether you like the 7-day or 30-day option for your program (we started with the 7) and add one shaken scoop per day to your smoothie or protein shake. It works by using a proprietary emulsion of hearty oats and rich lipids that work to provide you with the same feeling of fullness and burst of caloric energy that you would expect from your regular shake, but with the hidden bonus of working right away to melt your fat. The Prolessa Duo program has the ability to work wonders, so if you’re at all going through a continuous weight loss runaround, you owe it to yourself to give this natural additive a try. If you’ve ever tried and failed, be ready to succeed.