Holding Water Weight? Here Are 5 Simple Remedies

Holding Water Weight? Here Are 5 Simple Remedies

Holding Water Weight? Here Are 5 Simple Remedies

If you feel like no matter what your progress isn’t where you want it to be, there’s a good chance you may be holding on to excess water weight!

When you’re keeping up with your nutrition plan and hitting your workout goals, but you're STILL not seeing a change in the mirror, excess water is likely the culprit. 

Here are 5 easy remedies to eliminate excess water weight. 

1.) Exercise More Frequently 

If you’re holding onto excess water weight, sweating some of it out is the most obvious choice! 

Boosting your activity levels can help reduce water outside of the cell and decrease the “soft” look people report from excessive water retention.

2.) Drink More Water!

It sounds counter-intuitive, but drinking water is one of the simplest and most powerful ways to reduce water retention. 

Your body is always trying to achieve a healthy balance, so if you’re constantly in a state of dehydration, your body will retain more water in an attempt to prevent water levels from becoming too low.

Most people don’t drink enough water (even though they think they do!). So, be sure and carry a water bottle with you during the day, and drink an extra glass first thing in the morning. 

A good rule of thumb is to drink ½ of your body weight in ounces each day.

3.) Infrared Sauna Sessions

Don’t get this confused with a “dry heat” regular sauna. Infrared saunas omit infrared light waves that help heat the core temperature of the body. This causes a “deeper” sweat which is said to help release stored toxins in the body. 

Because of the rise in core body temperature, infrared saunas also have the added benefit of burning calories. Some studies show you can burn up to 600 calories in a single session.

4.) Add Asparagus to Your Diet

Asparagus is a natural diuretic, and as simple as this may seem to add a few spears to your diet each day can really help with water retention. 

5.) Add A Supplement

If you're looking for a simple way to help with water retention, consider adding a supplement that supports the healthy release of water. Dandelion supplements are popular among bodybuilders and athletes and are available over the counter. However, they don’t address the importance of maintaining healthy electrolyte levels.

That’s why I really like the product I carry called Cell-U-Loss which not only contains dandelion but also a few other key ingredients like asparagus, parsley, and corn silk to help support the healthy elimination of water as well. These special tablets also contain minerals designed to help maintain electrolyte balance and a healthy pH level. Click the link below to see if Cell-U-Loss is right for you.