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How to Take Care of Your Hands

How to Take Care of Your Hands

How to Take Care of Your Hands


Every day our hands come into contact with so many substances. From soap and detergent to shampoos, water, cleaning products and more, all of these things can strip away protective oils that help to keep the delicate skin on our hands moist. Here are seven tips to help you take better care of your hands.

Don’t Over-Wash

It’s so important to wash our hands properly and regularly. While proper washing is necessary, over-exposure to water should be avoided as it can cause skin irritation. It’s a good idea to wear gloves whenever you are washing the dishes or cleaning your sinks, tubs and showers.

Rethink Bar Soaps

Bar soaps are great for our body, but not when it comes to washing our hands multiple times a day. Look for hand cleansers that are sulphate-free, contain antioxidants, vitamins and gentler, natural ingredients such as Aloe vera, olive oil or Shea Butter to provide your skin with much needed moisture.

Keep Moisturiser Handy

Applying hand cream is a must when taking care of our hands. Make it as convenient as possible so that you never forget. Keep a tube of hand cream next to your sink, your bedside table, in your purse, gym bag, on your desk and even in the cup holder of your car. Wash, pat skin dry and then apply your hand cream while skin is still damp. This is the best way to lock in moisture and get soft, silky skin.

Take Extra Care

Winter is never kind to our hands. The snow, cold air and even the wind can dry, dehydrate and chap exposed skin in no time. During the colder months, make sure that you always wear gloves whenever you go outside.

Wear SPF

Did you know that our hands can reveal our age? Look after them by cleaning, hydrating and protecting them with plenty of sunscreen. The sun’s UVA and UVB rays are damaging and can burn and age our skin. The skin on the back of our hands are very delicate and prone to sunspots – remember to keep them protected when driving, bike riding and even mowing the lawn.

Night-Time Is the Right Time

A good hand care routine starts at bedtime. Keep a tube of hand cream on your nightstand and apply it before you go to sleep. Add this simple step to your evening routine and you’ll wake up with beautifully soft and hydrated hands.

Don’t Forget to Exfoliate

Help your hands look and feel rejuvenated with a quick exfoliation once a week. The next time you’re exfoliating your face, use a small amount of the same product to gently scrub your hands. Wash, pat dry with a towel and moisturise. Top tip: use extra hand cream (or olive and/or coconut oil) and massage it into your cuticles.