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Scales vs Body Measurements ⚖️

Scales vs Body Measurements ⚖️ - HerbaChoices

Scales vs Body Measurements ⚖️

Scales Vs Body Measurements

So many people get so fixated with counting numbers on the scales and get the idea that nothing changing, but that's not true! 

We focus more on the change in your body composition rather than numbers on a scale. There are number of reasons for this including:

1) A number of things can affect the number on the scales such as hormones, hydration and even when you last went to the loo (TMI??) 🚽

2) If you are active the change in your body composition (reduction of ‘fat’ stores and increase in ‘muscle’ stores) is not shown by the number on the scales. To be clear muscle DOES NOT weigh more than fat - a pound of muscle weighs the same as a pound of fat but what does happen as fat stores decrease, and muscle increases they offset each other on the scales therefore the number won’t change much BUT your body composition is changing.

3) Some people can fixate so much on the number on a scale and let it define them to the point which is not conducive to a ‘healthy’ mindset. You are so much more than a number on a scale 💪🏼

If you do want to weigh yourself, we strongly advise you to do it at every 4 weeks rather than weekly. Not only will you potentially see minimal changes on a week by week basis but other factors (such as hormones and hydration) will affect the number you see on the scales and that can be so disheartening.

We do believe in taking photos and measurements of yourself before and during your journey, as this is one of the best ways to clearly see the changes that are happening to your body. It is best to leave around 4-6 weeks between taking photos and measurements.

How to take photos 📸:

We suggest you take a front, side and rear view photo of yourself. If you don’t have anyone to help you take the photo you can use a mirror instead. We suggest you wear tight fitting clothes or a swimsuit to take the photos, so you can see any changes clearly and without being obscured by loose clothing.

How to take measurements:

We suggest you take measurements at key points around the body such as your chest, tops of your arms, waist, stomach, hips, bottom, thighs and calves. Make sure when you take your re-measurements you are doing so at the same point as the first measurements. If you are taking measurements yourself do them in front of a mirror to ensure the tape is straight and tight rather than wonky and loose. Also try not to look at down at the tape but look in the mirror to read the number as looking down can change the tape placement.
Body Measurements
REMEMBER a number on a scale or a tape does not mean anything compared to how healthy, confident, energised and happy you feel so make a note of how you feel as well. For example, rate out of 10 your energy levels, confidence and how you feel at the start of you journey (or now) and re rate them at the same time as you take your photos and measurements