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Five Ways to Get Your Motivation Back

Five Ways to Get Your Motivation Back

Five Ways to Get Your Motivation Back


One of the hardest things about losing weight is staying motivated. At first you feel focused, aim high, and are ready for the challenge. But then something happens. Perhaps your weight isn’t coming off as quickly. Maybe your regimen is too intense or the excitement of the first few weeks has worn off and you’ve lost interest.

It’s Not a Diet. It’s a Lifestyle Change.

When our motivation drops, it helps to revisit our reasons for wanting to lose weight in the first place. Wherever you’re at in your journey, here are five tips to help you get back on track and reach your goals.

Look Inward

Setbacks happen to everyone, but it’s important to remember that we aren’t defined by the mistakes we make. Many of the behaviours that we’re trying to change have been with us for a long time. Identify your triggers by writing them down, thinking about what causes them, how you normally react to them and how you would like to respond to them.

Stay on Track

In the beginning our spirits are high. We keep track of what we eat, our level of activity, how we feel, changes in weight etc. but sometimes we can become complacent and slip into old habits. It takes time to create new habits and a great way to do this is by keeping track of what you do every day.

Be Flexible

At the start of your weight loss journey, you probably set goals for yourself. But just because you set that goal, doesn’t mean that it’s carved in stone. Sometimes we get overly ambitious and take on more than we actually can. Go at your own pace. Progress is still progress, even if you do it slowly.

Break it Down

When we have an ultimate goal that we want to reach, it can make us feel overwhelmed. Whenever things feel like they’re too much, think about small behaviours that are going to help you reach your goal. Whatever it is, focus on them and give yourself credit for every time you practice this new behaviour.

Reward Small Achievements

There’s no reason to not reward progress! Think about small ways to celebrate when you’re a quarter of the way to your goal or halfway there. Find ways to reward mini accomplishments too such as exercising every day this week or cooking three dinners at home.

When you’re having trouble sticking to your diet, it helps to remember what motivated you in the first place. Everybody is different; there’s no right or wrong way. Every day remember to take a moment to congratulate yourself for being on your journey and remind yourself why you decided to start.