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Why eat breakfast?

Why eat breakfast? - HerbaChoices

Why eat breakfast?

‘Breakfast’ literally means to ‘break the fast’ that occurs overnight. After approximately 12 hours without fuel, it’s easy to see why breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day. As the first source of energy that your body receives, your breakfast should provide the essential nutrients and fluids needed to kickstart the day. Skipping this most important of meals means your body doesn’t have what it needs to perform basic functions, causing blood sugar levels to drop and you to feel hungry sooner, which means you’re more likely to reach for unhealthy foods later on.

But it’s not just about whether you eat breakfast or not. What you eat, and how much, is equally as important. A simple carbohydrate-based breakfast such as toast or pastries does not provide the amount of protein you need in each meal, and may actually make you feel more hungry throughout the day. This is a common culprit for unhealthy food choices. The statistics and research findings below help to put this into perspective:

  • A protein-rich breakfast has been shown to reduce cravings during the day and help in controlling your appetite1.
  • Research shows that skipping breakfast is closely linked with weight gain and overeating later in the day2.
  • Eating breakfast was found by scientific researchers to help reduce total daily calorie intake3.
  • Results from a clinical study suggested that not eating breakfast is associated with a higher Body Mass Index (BMI)4 and poorer eating behaviours5.
  • 61% Europeans miss breakfast more than once a week, according to a recent survey. Of those people, 47% blame a lack of time as their excuse6.

Looking for a breakfast that ticks the boxes for both health and taste? Try the Herbalife Healthy Breakfast – it provides both macro and micronutrients to help you reach your Nutrient Reference Values (NRV) and ensures you start the day well hydrated. Plus, it’s quick and convenient to prepare – so no excuses!

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