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Nile Wilson: “I am more proud of what I have overcome, than any medal that’s been put around my neck”

Nile Wilson: “I am more proud of what I have overcome, than any medal that’s been put around my neck” - HerbaChoices

Nile Wilson: “I am more proud of what I have overcome, than any medal that’s been put around my neck”

Herbalife Nutrition ambassador and Olympic gymnast Nile Wilson on injuries, hardships, and being part of the Herbalife family.

Olympic bronze medallist Nile Wilson has become the ambassador of Herbalife Nutrition for several reasons. Not only he has fallen in love with the products, but he also found that his athlete and entrepreneurial character really does match the mindset of Herbalife Nutrition members. After a dark period during his recovery from a serious injury in early 2017, the 22 year old is now in a better physical and mental condition than ever. Here he opens up about his brand new clothing range with Herbalife Nutrition, his excitement about the upcoming Olympic games, and his workout session with Samantha Clayton.

Why did you become the ambassador for Herbalife Nutrition?

I was only looking for support, but Herbalife Nutrition became a family for me. Obviously there’s the nutrition element: my supplementation, the enhancements that I made, the way I feel, the way I recover is truly amazing.

And there’s the feel that I’ve got when I attend the events; I have never felt anything like that before. This collaboration also impacts me financially hugely: everything that I do, comes with a cost, and the support that I get from Herbalife Nutrition is incredible.

The supplements add a huge percentage to my performance

So the core of the collaboration for you are the products?

Definitely. The products have to work for me. I train four to six hours per day, you can imagine the physical stretch of that. And I have to be able to come in the day after that and train again, so the recovery is key. Also the way you feel when you are training is very important. You have to find a balance, and the supplements add a huge percentage to my performance.

How do you feel about launching your own clothing range with Herbalife Nutrition?

Since the age of 18, I have always been business-minded. I started to work very hard on content: putting gymnastics and my name out there, creating a personal brand, which is now viewed and seen and recognized by millions of people through my hard work.

And now to be able to build a business from this is very exciting. We have launched NW Clothing over a year ago now. It took off as a hobby for me just at the back of my YouTube channel: reaching a lot of people, giving them something to enjoy, to cherish, to remember my vlogs.

To be able to inspire the distributors with my journey is exciting

And obviously to be able to collaborate with Herbalife Nutrition is like a dream. It’s gone from maybe selling ten T-shirts to a proper brand, which –when I say it out loud- it’s insane. I am very proud of my business achievements. And it links quite well with the Herbalife Nutrition community: similar mindset, entrepreneurial businesses. So to be able to inspire the distributors and the members with my journey is also exciting. We are balancing out each other, we share tips on how they are growing their businesses. It works so well.

You often appear on stage at Herbalife Nutrition events. What is your main message for members?

That your actions must map your ambitions. It’s easy to talk about what you want, but to actually put the work and the hours, the sweat, the tears, the grind into it, that’s the difference. That you actually make it happen. As soon as I have an idea, a video, a phone call, I just go for it. I am the one who can make it happen. That’s my main message.

No matter how much I win, I will still hoover the gym

How do you feel about the next Olympics?

I am so excited, especially in the light of what I have been through. Last year was a challenging recovery from my injury. Now it’s definitely manageable, but to come out of that and to become a Commonwealth Champion gives me a massive confidence.

My gymnastics is at a level, where I have never been. I’ve never felt this good, lean and strong. I think it’s now all about maintaining that and stay healthy physically and mentally.

How do you take care of your mental wellbeing?

Mentally it’s important for me to be able to actually let go of things, when I relax. I’m in a very pressured environment; the workload, painful, hours graft, but at the same time I don’t take that too seriously. I love gymnastics, and I never forget that. Even when it’s a humiliating match with my ego. No matter how much I win, I will still hoover the gym. My family and my friends play a big part in having that attitude and mindset.

I also think it’s important to have the feeling of gratitude, to be grateful. Obviously after the injuries to be able to go from not capable of do anything to where I am today it really gives you that prospect and gratitude. That keeps me mentally stable, keeps me going. I am just grateful I can do the sport that I love after it had been taken away from me in the past. I’ve had multiple surgeries multiple times, during a six month period.

There were seriously dark stages, when I was on a couch in a cast. Now I never forget where I come from. I am more proud of what I have overcome, than any medal that’s been put around my neck. Just the character I have become, the strength that I drown from it.

You filmed a workout video with Herbalife Nutrition vice president and Olympian sprinter Samantha Clayton. How was it?

She is obviously mentally fit and strong. You can see the crossover in the mindset: she is very positive. And even when she was nervous for instance of the backflip, she still went for it. She has the same athletic, ‘can do’ mindset as me, and she smashed it. She even beat me. We are also both very competitive, so there will have to be a rematch.

Nile is now working on a brand new secret project with Herbalife Nutrition, which will definitely challenge and move everyone. For more details, keep an eye on our blog and social media channels.

To see Nile and Sam’s workout video, click here:

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