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Quick Tips for Staying Fit When Working From Home

Quick Tips for Staying Fit When Working From Home - HerbaChoices

Quick Tips for Staying Fit When Working From Home

Quick Tips for Staying Fit When Working From Home

You know the benefits of working from home by now, and you’ve probably figured out some of the challenges too. Many WFH employees and entrepreneurs struggle with isolation, loneliness, poor eating habits, and a lack of exercise to name a few. If you want to maximise your health and well-being and work more productively than ever, consider these remote work wellness tips from HerbaChoices!

Keep Moving 

It’s easy to get engrossed in work and realise that you haven’t left your desk in several hours. Establish a movement routine to maintain your energy and productivity and avoid the ailments of sitting too long (i.e., neck and back pain, poor circulation, weight gain, low oxygen, etc.).

Also, start your day off strong with a run. Set a reminder on your phone to stand up and take a walk around your home every hour. And take thirty minutes at lunch to get in a bit of fitness. Your body will reward you for the time you put in!

You can even find ways to incorporate exercise into your cooking routine! Try to get some chair dips or wall pushups in while you're waiting for a dish to bake or a pot to boil. Every little bit of healthy activity helps.

Incorporate Relaxation into Your Routine

We live in a busy society. “Go go go” is the default setting for many, but our bodies and minds require rest to prevent things like stress, high blood pressure, pain, or sleep issues. Try adding some of the following to your daily work routine to flourish both personally and professionally:

● Schedule 20 minutes of meditation

● Plan stretching breaks

● Diffuse essential oils

● Write in a journal to empty your worried mind

● Play soothing music

Talk to Someone

Working from home has so many perks, but it can be isolating and lonely. If you find that depression is creeping in or you're battling anxiety from working as a team of one, then you could benefit from seeing a mental health professional. These days, attending a session is easier than ever with the availability of private, secure virtual therapy. You’ll have your pick of licensed professionals. When choosing between therapists, don’t feel obligated to stick with the first one you meet, especially if you don’t feel a connection.

Prepare Healthy Snacks

When hunger strikes, most people reach for the easiest thing to eat. Often, that means sacrificing nutrition for convenience. To set yourself up for success, prepare healthy snacks the night before and have them grab-ready.

Wash and cut fruit and veggies to have ready for when the craving hits. Prep portions of nuts, seeds, popcorn, and cheese to store near your desk for when you need a little fuel. Instead of ignoring your sweet tooth or overindulging, have items like dark chocolate or pudding available for the moment when you need a sweet boost.

Shape Up Your Office

A good portion of your life is spent working. It’s important to invest time and money in creating a stress-free workspace. Whether you’re completely digital or not, put organisational systems in place to make your life easier. Invest in file cabinets or software to organise your documents and make everything easy to find. And don’t stop there; invest in the right lighting and furniture so you can thrive on long workdays.

Ergonomic office equipment is an investment that will return a wealth of benefits. You’ll be more productive, engaged, and experience less physical pains with things like:

● A monitor that can be raised to eye-level height

● A standing desk that enables you to work with optimal circulation

● A chair to align your spine

● A mouse and keyboard that relieve wrist tension

Spending money on quality equipment now will prevent you from having to make a quantity of purchases over time. And you’ll see immediate physical and mental benefits.


Whether you’re working from home now or are about to start, it’s time to make your physical and mental well-being a top priority. By incorporating the tips above into your daily routine, you will make great strides in both your personal and professional life. As you find pain points in your workdays, address them immediately and keep looking for new ways to add wellness into your day.

HerbaChoices is here to support all your nutritional needs. If you have any questions, please email support@herbachoices.com.