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Perfect Meal Plan for Muscle Gain to Get Better Results

A proper meal plan is a prerequisite for gaining muscle with the finest results. No matter the reason behind your pursuit of muscle, a balanced diet filled with all the necessary nutrients can help you achieve your goals.

At HerbaChoices, we understand this very well, which is reflected in our wide range of Herbalife products, including delicious shakes, drink mixes, herbal beverages, and concentrates.

Recommended Weight/Muscle Gain Plan

You need protein, carbs, fiber, and other essential minerals and vitamins to start your muscle gain goal. With HerbaChoices, you can give yourself the gift of a carefully curated weight/muscle gain plan by Herbalife.

Our recommended weight/muscle gain plan includes the following:

  • 10 Healthy Meal Shake flavors.
  • Nutritious protein shakes.
  • Sports drinks.
  • Herbal aloe concentrate.
  • Protein drink mix.
  • Herbal beverages.

It comes with a free workout and recipe guides to help you stick to your muscle-gain goal.

Starter Muscle Gain Plan

The Starter Muscle Gain Plan is the perfect way to start your day. The plan includes Herbalife's Formula 1 Healthy Meal Nutritional Shake Mix that gives you the perfect amount of carbs, protein, fiber, essential minerals, and vitamins, just like a balanced meal.

As the name suggests, this plan will help you start your muscle gain journey with its minimal cost and high value. It comes with a free workout and recipe guide like all other Herbalife products.

Ultimate Weight/Muscle Gain Plan

The Herbalife Ultimate Weight/Muscle Loss Plan is the perfect package to take your muscle gain journey to the next level. It adds our highly acclaimed Rebuild Strength after-workout shake in a delicious chocolate flavor, and Herbalife24 Restore capsules to the Recommended Plan.

With the addition of these two amazing products, you can ensure that your muscle-rebuilding process is taken proper care of. The after-workout shake helps your tired muscles to rebuild while the Restore capsules fight the dreadful exercise-induced inflammation.


Herbalife products are a perfect companion for your muscle gain journey, as has been proven by the testimonials of our valued customers over the years. You can include our nutritional products, including delicious shakes, protein drinks, herbal beverages, meal plans, and much more to supplement your workouts. The results speak for themselves.

You can gain lean muscle with Herbalife products if you carefully follow one of our meal plans based on your muscle-gaining stage. Complementing your workouts with Herbalife nutritional meal plans can help you strike the right balance between your diet and exercise intensity. Moreover, it's proven how crucial it is to eat right when aiming for lean muscle mass.